Saniflo solutions / maintenance Ealing

Based in Ealing A Brassett plumbing repairs has been offering repairs to Saniflo systems throughout Ealing and surrounding areas since last 20 years.

We recommend that you chemical clean your Saniflo at least twice a year. This will prolong the life of your Saniflo. Don't forget to turn off the electricity to your Saniflo isolator before the work is carried out. If you have a problem or need advise, please call us on 0845 555 9595.

Most common faults found and repaired by us

My Saniflo keeps running intermittently

It can be a faulty membrane, dripping tap, dripping shower or bidet, leaking toilet cistern, leaking push button toilet or the ball valve let in by the toilet cistern.

My Saniflo is blocked up. What can I do?

Do not flush the toilet as it will come over the bowl of the toilet and flood the floor.

See if the Saniflo box is hot. If it is, it may be that the blade is jammed. If this is the case, the Saniflo will have to be stripped down.

I can hear a humming, buzzing noise from my Saniflo. The waster water is not pumped away.

We would recommend you turn off your Saniflo as you will burn out the motor. Call A Brassett saniflo repairs Ealing for expert help and advice.

Services We Offer

  • Saniflo Engineers Ealing
  • Saniflo repair specialists
  • Other makes of macerators repaired!
  • 24hr same day repair service
  • Professional and technical advice
  • Wide range of spare parts carried
  • 99% of jobs completed on first visit